Andaman Resorts
Our signature restaurants, acknowledged as one of the finest in Andaman, are adorned with interesting flooring, which are complemented so beautifully by grand chandeliers and sumptuous windows. Structural design and decorations reflect a modern yet elegant style. Our interactive show kitchen, decorated so wonderfully with exotic spices and pickles, brings delectable dishes cooked with so much pleasure right on to your table. The fine music in the background, glittering candlelight, combined with immaculate level of service and hospitality, further enhances your experience of dining at our restaurants.
We present to you a variety of delectable cuisines to please your palate, with our exclusively chosen menu of traditional cuisines, along with secret recipes and chef special delicacies. Our guests specifically enjoy the flavor, design and innovation in your dishes, which reminds them of true Indian taste. Wholesome variety of fresh vegetables, seafood and meats is used at our restaurants to present an ideal balance of exotic flavors and simplified cooking.
The beachside location of our restaurant, presents our guest with enchanting view of serenity and splendid tranquility, along with an amazing dining experience. Décor style of our restaurant is such that it allows you to enjoy the essence of picturesque surroundings while feeling enthralled with the enchanting view of pristine beach. Your dining experience at our wonderful restaurant will be totally exceptional, especially when you combine sumptuous seafood like prawns and sushi with wine, chosen specially from our exclusive selection.